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Multipurpose Liquid Soap

Multipurpose Liquid Soap

Multipurpose liquid Soap is a cleaning product made with surfactants as the main ingredient. A surfactant reduces the tension between surfaces making it easier to mobilise and combine materials that would otherwise not mix. Multipurpose liquid soap is a versatile and effective cleaning agent that removes dirt, grease, grime, and soil. Multipurpose liquid soap can be used for light cleaning for wooden tables and other furniture, for mopping the floors, dishwashing, or even clothes. It comes in Pine or Lemon. 

Removes dirt, stains and odour. Can also be used as grill and tap cleaner to cut grease/oil/dirt build up. Contains balanced pH makes the Multi-Purpose an effective and germicidal. 

Where multipurpose liquid soap can be used?

  • Hands and body
  • Dishes
  • Floor Walls and woodwork laundry
  • Stain removal 
  • Carets
  • General cleaning
  • Bathrooms
  • Vehicles

We give a Multipurpose  Liquid Soap Supply to take care of your cleanliness. We have confidence in giving master cleaning administration to safeguard your venture and ensure it looks and feels perfect. We are giving the best Glass cleaner in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Pokhara.

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