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Carpet Dryer Machines

Royal Cleaning Services and Supplier Pvt. Ltd as carpet dryer machines supplier in Kathmandu

Welcome to Royal Cleaning Services and Supplier Pvt. Ltd, where you can get the best carpet dryer machines and top-notch cleaning services all under one roof. For both home and business areas, Royal Cleaning as carpet dryer machines supplier in Kathmandu recognizes the need of maintaining clean, dry carpets. Our modern carpet dryers and expert cleaning services, which are backed by years of cleaning industry experience, leave your carpets pristine and smelling fresh.

Company Overview

Since our founding in 9 years, Royal Cleaning has been providing consumers with devoted and excellent service. We have established a strong reputation as a dependable supplier and service provider in the market because of our team of knowledgeable experts and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Our Mission: To guarantee that our customers' carpets are kept clean, dry, and well-maintained, we strive to offer the best carpet dryer machines supplier in Kathmandu and cleaning services in the industry.

Our Vision: By always enhancing our goods and services and going above and beyond for our clients, we hope to become a household name in the cleaning sector.

 Products Offered

A. Carpet Dryer Machines

Our carpet dryer machines are designed to expedite the drying process, making them ideal for use after carpet cleaning or in areas where moisture needs to be removed quickly. We offer a wide range of carpet dryer machines, including:

1. Standard Carpet Dryer: Compact and powerful, this model is suitable for small to medium-sized areas.

2. Industrial Carpet Dryer: High-capacity drying for large commercial spaces and industrial applications.

3. Stackable Carpet Dryer: Ideal for efficient storage and transportation without compromising performance.

 B. Optional Accessories and Attachments

To enhance the efficiency and versatility of our carpet dryer machines supplier in Kathmandu, we offer a selection of optional accessories and attachments, such as:

1. Carpet Dryer Attachments: For targeted and precise drying in hard-to-reach areas.

2. Drying Racks: Perfect for drying multiple carpets simultaneously.

Machine information

Centrifugal Type Air Mover & Carpet Dryer, Model Name/Number: Pv-amcd

Model Name/Number



All purpose







  • Powervent makes carpet dryers and airmovers for both residential and commercial applications. It is ideal for quickly drying carpets and textiles. This air mover has the ability to eliminate wetness from any duty, like regulating moisture in the office or reducing dampness in the basement. This air mover, which has a roto-molded polyethylene casing, is ensured to survive use and damage in even the harshest situations. This practical gadget is perfect for any janitorial or carpet cleaning business since it guarantees speedy and affordable carpet and floor drying.

 Pricing and Rental Options from our carpet dryer machines supplier in kathmandu

Our carpet drying machines are priced competitively, and we provide both buy and leasing alternatives to meet a range of needs and financial constraints. Our open pricing policy guarantees that clients get a good return on their investment.

 Ordering Process from our carpet dryer machines supplier in Kathmandu

It's simple to place an order with Royal Cleaning. Customers can browse the carpet dryer machines we offer on our website and choose the model they desire. They can also get in touch with our customer support team via phone or email for individualized assistance.

Delivery and Shipping

We recognize the value of prompt delivery. Our carpet drying machines are available for purchase or rental, and we guarantee timely and dependable delivery to the designated place. During the ordering process, shipping choices and associated charges will be disclosed.

 After-Sales Support and Maintenance from our carpet dryer machines supplier in Kathmandu

We at Royal Cleaning are confident in the caliber of our offerings. Our carpet dryer machines are covered by a warranty, and in the unlikely case of any problems, our customer care staff will provide timely assistance with any required repairs or replacements. We also provide upkeep advice to customers so they can extend the lifespan and effectiveness of their carpet dryers.

 Sustainability and Environmental Impact

We encourage the use of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient carpet drying machines as part of our commitment to sustainability. While providing top-notch cleaning solutions, we strive to leave as little of an environmental footprint as possible.


We at Royal Cleaning Services and Supplier Pvt. Ltd are proud of our top-notch cleaning services and expensive carpet dryer machines. Whether your company requires a dependable carpet dryer or a specialized cleaning crew to preserve your carpets, we can help. Ensure that your carpets stay fresh, dry, and clean by experiencing the Royal Cleaning difference. To place an order or learn more about our services, get in touch with us today!

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