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Marble Cleaner

Marble Cleaner

Marble is a classically elegant choice for floors. But keeping this natural stone in top condition requires some special attention. It’s porous and soft, making it vulnerable to stains and scratches if you’re not careful when cleaning it.

To get rid of everyday dust and dirt, it’s best to go low-tech: Use a soft, natural-fibre dust mop. It should be dry and clean each time you use it. Skip the vacuum. Its wheels can drag particles across the surface and scratch it.

When your marble floor needs a more thorough cleaning (or if you want to boost your daily cleaning routine), use these marble floor cleaning products, chosen because they consistently ranked high with reviewers. They’re all free of abrasives and acids, which can damage marble by etching it.

The Benefits Of Marble Cleaner

Using marble floor cleaner and stain remover comes with a host of benefits.

Remove All Kinds Of Stains

Because people use marble as a heavy-duty surface for kitchens, bathrooms and flooring, it can accumulate a wide variety of stains. Marble can attract oil-based stains, such as cooking oils and cosmetics, organic stains, like tea, coffee and fruit and even rust stains from nearby metal. It can also suffer from paint stains, smoke stains and water spots.

At StoneCare4U, we supply a broad array of different cleaning products, each of which can tackle specific stains that may afflict your marble surfaces. With our cleaning products, you can counteract the effects of both etching and staining. What’s more, with marble cleaning solvents to hand, you can address spills as soon as they occur, helping to protect your marble.

Remove Odors

Marble can attract odors. Food particles and other organic debris can penetrate the stone and attract bacteria that release unpleasant smells. Marble cleaner products, however, help to fight stains, kill bacteria and protect your marble surfaces from future infiltration. Above all, regularly cleaning high-use marble, such as kitchen countertops and flooring, is vital for keeping them odour-free.

Cut Maintenance Costs

Professional marble cleaning can be costly. But marble cleaners, however, let you carry out preventive maintenance throughout the life of your marble surfaces, preventing significant outlays in the future.

At StoneCare4U, we’ve developed some of the most compelling marble floor cleaning options on the market. Therefore, with our range of floor cleaners, you can tackle the toughest of marble stains.

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