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Ride-on Floor Scrubber Machine

Ride-on Floor Scrubber Machine Ride-on Floor Scrubber Machine Ride-on Floor Scrubber Machine Ride-on Floor Scrubber Machine

Welcome to Royal Cleaning Services and Suppliers Pvt. Ltd, where technological advancement meets cleanliness. The ride-on floor scrubber machine represent the highest standard of innovative technology and are designed to revolutionize the way you manage industrial and commercial floor cleaning.

Our cleaning solutions are built on the ride-on floor scrubber, a powerful, efficient, and user-friendly machine designed to fulfill the needs of businesses in Nepal as well as worldwide. Whether you manage large storage facilities, production facilities, or commercial spaces, The ride-on floor scrubbers are designed to provide extraordinary results.

Specifications of Ride-on Floor Scrubber Machine

consists of 2 brushes rotating in an anti clockwise direction along with the measured required pressure providing maximum cleaning efficiency without damaging the surface.

Scrubbing Width


Effective Suction Width


Theoretical rea Coverage

4800m² /hr

Working Speed Up-to

6 Km/h

Battery Rating

24/240.320 v/Ah

Airflow Rate


Vacuum Pressure

1650 mm of H2o

Power Supply


Total Power


Brush Motor Power

2x 550 W

Vacuum Motor Power

550 W

Drive Motor Power

750 W

Diameter of Brush

13”  x 2Pcs

Brush Speed

180 rpm

Brush Load

43 kg

Extra Brush Load

47 kg

Fresh water tank

100 ltr

Dirty Water Tank

115 ltr


1750 x 1100 x 1410

Total weight ready to operate

600 - 240 Ah

 Parts and Components Briefly Described

Each component is specifically developed to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of the cleaning process.

  1. Scrubbing Brushes or Pads
    The scrubbing brushes or pads, designed for maximum floor contact, effectively move and lift dirt and grime from the floor surface. The design offers thorough and consistent cleaning results.

  1. Vacuum/Suction System
    The powerful suction system enables quick and efficient water recovery. It efficiently gathers unclean water while leaving the floor clean and dry. Say good-bye to dust and hello to a clean finish.

  2. Solutions and Recovery Tanks
    These essential components are the beating heart of machines. The solution tank holds the clean water or detergent mixture, when the recovery tank holds the unclean water. The separation guarantees that the cleaning procedure is hygienic and efficient with each pass.

  3. Control Panel
    The user-friendly control panel puts you in control. You may easily scroll through settings, modify scrubbing intensity, and customize the machine's functioning to meet the exact needs of your environment. Cleaning has never been more user-friendly.

  4. Chassis and Wheels
    These machines are built to last in hard industrial situations, thanks to their strong build. The carefully constructed chassis, along with quick wheels, gives both stability and mobility, allowing the machines to easily handle diverse floor surfaces.

    Understanding the functionality of each component allows you to fully utilize the capabilities of the ride-on floor scrubber machine

Why Choose Ride-On Floor Scrubber Machines?

  1. Efficiency
    Get rid of costly and time-consuming cleaning methods. These machines cover huge floor areas with precision and speed, resulting in superior cleaning results in less time.

  1. Advanced Technology
    Ride-on floor scrubber machine includes advanced scrubbing mechanisms, strong suction systems, and user-friendly controls, bringing the most recent breakthroughs in cleaning technology at your fingertips.

  1. Durability and Reliability
    These machines are built to withstand the challenges of industrial operation, with strong construction and high-quality components that ensure durability and constant performance.

  2. Customizable Cleaning
    User-friendly control panels allow you to customize your cleaning technique using flexible parameters. From scrubbing intensity to water usage, These machines are adaptable to meet your individual cleaning requirements.

What is the price of a Ride-On floor Scrubber machine in Nepal?

For more information about the Ride-on floor scrubber machine, please contact our sales team. We recognize that each business has different requirements, and our pricing is designed to provide you the greatest value for your money.

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